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    All tourists visiting Tibet requires valid China visa & a special Alien Travel Permit, which they can obtain only by joining tours organized by recognized travel agencies.

    If you are travelling from Kathmandu you will need to obtain the visa here. Those visa issued by Chinese Consulate outside of Kathmandu will not be entertained.

    There is no minimum group size requirement for traveling into Tibet.  As long as one is traveling in an organized tour visa will be issued for even individuals. Please note Tibet visa regulations often change & hence given information may not be true at the time when you travel. Please check with us or with concerned Chinese Embassies in your respective countries for latest visa regulation rules about visiting Tibet before making your travel plans.

    Visa for China Tibet can never be 100% guarantee as Tibet is politically a sensitive part of China sometimes without any prior notice they stop issuing the visa.  In case of such incidence we will not be held responsible for all the expense incurred in regard to this.


    Upon receipt of the scan copy of full passport details, we will process and apply for Tibet permit and Chinese visa. We require the pax to fill up the visa application form along with 01 photo and the original passport upon arrival in Kathmandu. Chinese embassy processes visa Monday to Friday (except Chinese Govt. Holidays).  It takes around 04 working days to obtain the visa.  Please note that visa regulation for Tibet is subject to change.

    TIBET Travel Permit :  

    Once we get the passport details of the pax, we will obtain Tibet Travel permit from Lhasa. FYI this is a must document to travel to Tibet as pax will not be allowed to enter Tibet without Tibet Travel permit despite. We take care of all the needful to obtain Tibet Travel permit prior to Client’s arrival in Nepal.

    Passport :

    One needs to have a validity of the passport having atleast 06 months or more on the day of departure from Tibet.

    The Visa Application form and photograph size :

    The Visa Application Form should be filled out clearly with recently-taken color passport photo glued to it. The size of the photo should be 48mm (H)x33mm (W), with head width 21mm-24mm and head length 28mm-33mm, in white, light grey or light blue background.

    CHINESE VISA FEE (US$ / subject to change) :

    Nationality Urgent visa fee
    USA 200.00
    Canada 155.00
    Brazilian 165.00
    Other countries   85.00

     Visa apply Days: Monday through Friday

    Visa Apply time:        9:00 AM to 12: 00 PM

    Visa Collection time: 10: AM to 4:00 PM (Next working day)



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