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    Bhutan Visa

    Visitors of all nationalities, except those from India, require a visa before entering Bhutan. For all visitors, except those from Bangladesh and the Maldives, this visa must be applied for and approved in advance of travel. Visitors from Bangladesh and the Maldives also require a visa, but this can be applied for and approved either in advance of travel or upon arrival in Bhutan.

    Visitors from India are able to apply for a permit but are required to hold an Indian passport or an Indian voter ID card. For Indian nationals under the age of 18, a passport or a birth certificate can be used to enter and they must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

    How do I apply for a visa?

    You can apply online for a visa by completing this application form, or if you’re travelling with a tour operator, they may apply on your behalf. Read more about the visa here.

    Visitors from Bangladesh and the Maldives requiring a visa can apply either online before travelling or in person upon arrival in Bhutan.

    How long does it take to issue my visa?

    A correctly input visa application can take up to five days to process.

    How much does the visa cost? 

    There is a one-off fee of US$40 for the processing of your application. This is payable at the same time as your Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) US$ 100/- per day, as part of the process of submitting your visa application.

    How long does my visa allow me to stay in Bhutan?

    The visa allows you to remain in Bhutan for a maximum of 90 days from the date of entry.

     Can I extend my visa while I’m in Bhutan?

    Yes, provided the extension is applied for before the original visa or permit expires.

    Visitors can extend their stay via the online visa application portal, using the same log-in details that were used to process their original visa.

    The fees for processing your extension application, and daily SDF for the duration of your extended stay, will be payable via the same portal.

    Can I use my international credit card to pay for my visa / SDF online?

    Yes, it is possible to use your credit card to pay for your visa and SDF online. However, we strongly recommend that you notify your bank prior to making the credit card transaction to ensure that the payment is processed successfully.  If they are not informed in advance, sometimes international banks will block online payments to Bhutan as part of the bank’s online security measures.

    Is travel insurance mandatory?

    Yes. All visitors must have full, valid travel insurance for the duration of their visit. For all visitors except those from India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, it is required to be in place when you make your visa application.

    Visitors from India, Bangladesh and the Maldives have the option to purchase domestic travel insurance at their port of entry.


    One needs to have a passport which has a validity of atleast 6 months beyond your expected date of departure from Bhutan.

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